Doggie Food Bank was created because of one simple need. Due to the hardship many Americans are going through right now, many people were having to choose between feeding themselves or their four-legged kids. Food stamps and food banks don’t cover dog food. And dogs were ending up back in shelters because of something that could so easily be remedied. Another expense that was causing dogs to end up in shelters was medical care.

Also, most homeless shelters don’t allow dogs. And many homeless people would rather sleep on the streets than give up their beloved dogs. But they can barely feed themselves. Many homeless people were sharing part of their food bank meals with their dogs, leaving less for themselves.

Dogs provide more than just unconditional love and companionship to the homeless, they keep them warm and provide safety and security. For many of the homeless, their dogs are the one ray of hope they have.

When I realized I could do something about this, I decided to start the Doggie Food Bank. The Doggie Food Bank is a non-profit, all volunteer organization that has one mission… get dog food and medical care to the poor and homeless who love their dogs, but are struggling to support them.

The mobile food bank travels between social services, churches, and neighborhoods where the poor and homeless are located. We work with local social services and food banks to determine their needs, and get food and supplies to the people who qualify.

At Doggie Food Bank, we don’t think any dog should ever go to sleep hungry or be denied medical care.

Thank you for your support of the Doggie Food Bank! Thanks to you, fewer dogs will end up in shelters, and the homeless will be able to feed their dogs, who provide safety, comfort, warmth, and companionship to those who have so little.