Dog Customers

Nina, Max and Ugly, and their buddy Destiny, a 6 month old kitten all belong to Shawn, a homeless man who lives in his van. I saw him on the corner near the freeway, but he wasn’t panhandling and didn’t ask for anything. Shawn said “You would probably think that I got all of these from a shelter, but I “inherited” them from owners who said the dogs were uncontrollable. I get the dogs no one else wants. They were all given to me because they bit people. After some time with me they are all as sweet and well-behaved as can be. I’ve found my God-given talent and these animals give me a purpose. They make me happy.”

I petted them (yes, they were all super friendly), gave them some dog food, and promised to come back as often as I could. He said “Even if you can’t stop, just wave when you go by. The dogs love the attention.” As I walked away I realized no amount of money can replace the unconditional love of the animal/human bond. Anyone who thinks the homeless shouldn’t have pets should meet this family.




homeless dogs

Sheba’s owner is a homeless and injured vet who is on a very long waiting list for a shelter that takes dogs. Most dog owners would rather live on the street than give up their dogs because very few shelters will allow them to bring their dogs. Sheba is a registered service dog and her owner’s best friend. I can see why. She’s very sweet and loyal.


homeless dogshomeless dogshomeless dogs

Dorian, Lucky, and Milo are all homeless and travel from place to place in a wagon. Sometimes they sleep in the park and sometimes on the beach. They were thrilled to get a dog food delivery from the Doggie Food Bank. Their owner lost his job and eventually lost his apartment. He used to work in the construction industry. Being homeless adds an extra challenge when you have dogs and need to find work. Where do you keep them while you’re at work, if you can even find a job?

homeless dogs

Behind every homeless dog there is a story. I met the owners of Mercedes and Benz in the park where they were living. Their owner was hit by a car and was unable to work for a very long time. The financial pressure was too much and the couple eventually lost their apartment. These dogs are very well loved by their owners who would rather live in the park than give them up to live in a shelter. Mercedes and Benz provide security, warmth, and companionship. They deserve a good meal and were happy to get one from The Doggie Food Bank.

homeless dogs

Pucho was being cared for by 3 homeless men in Hollywood when we met him. His owner was out looking for work. Pucho is a happy little guy who was enjoying all of the attention he was getting. And he was very happy to get a food delivery from The Doggie Food Bank.

homeless doghomeless dog

Lou and his new puppy friend Dudley belong to a sweet young, homeless couple who are working hard to have a better life. Regardless of their own circumstances, they love their dogs and they always come first. Please help us help them feed Lou and Dudley.


This is Ups. I met his owner under the 405 bridge, where they have a large homeless population living in tents. He is a very sweet German Shepard who was appreciative of a Doggie Food Bank delivery. I’d like to eventually get donations of leashes. A lot of homeless people can’t afford a regular leash for their dogs.

One thing I do see is the incredible bond these people have with their animals. For some of them it’s the only real thing they have left. I could tell Ups could care less if he lived in a tent or a palace. As long as he had his best friend with him.



This sweet, little dog Mia and her owner spend their days on the street by the 7-11. They ended up there through a series of unfortunate circumstances and an illness, with all their worldly belongings in a shopping cart. Anyone who thinks the homeless shouldn’t own a dog have never seen the incredible bond they have. Their pets are often their reason for living.

Mia’s owner didn’t ask for money for herself. She just wanted to make sure her best friend was fed. This is why the Doggie Food Bank is such a simple solution.